Crop Hints

WordPress Plugin powered by Google Cloud Vision AI

Vision Rises.

Sure-footed eyes of Cloud Vision AI captures your subject and never lets go.

The Crop Hints plugin automatically analyzes images uploaded to your media library with the power of Google Cloud Vision AI.

Capture the most important subject in your photos and save them as Crop Hint. It’s as if your WordPress has a keen sense of sight.

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Clever image layout with the Crop Hint.

PCs, smartphones, and tablets. It has become common for websites to have a responsive structure that allows the flexibility to change the size of the layout and elements to fit the screen size of the device.

By incorporating the data from the image-by-image the Crop Hint into the CSS, it will be possible to place the images effectively in different aspect ratio areas without compromising the original impression of the photo.

Manual Crop Hint helps your aesthetic eye.

You don’t like the Crop Hint that was extracted automatically? Cloud Vision AI is a brilliant mind, but it may still be no match for your aesthetic eye.

You can also specify the Crop Hint manually by yourself. Intuitive interface makes it easy.

Crop Hints
Manual Crop Hint
Auto Crop Hint
by Google Cloud Vision AI

Your Ideas, Infinite Uses.

Ken Burns Effect

Ken Burns Effect

Photo by Guy Kawasaki
Photo by Shane Stagner
Photo by Jeremy Bishop

Are you tired of the slide show that just zooms toward the center? You can also apply the Crop Hint data to the impressive Ken Burns Effect.

Responsive Image Box

Crop Hint × object-position Reflects the ‘center’ or ‘focus’ value of the Crop Hint.

aspect ratio 1.5

not set object-position Equivalent to "object-position: 50% 50%"

aspect ratio 1.5
Photo by Anton Darius

Crop Hint and CSS3 object-fit • object-position property allow for clever image placement that continues to capture the subject, even if the element in which the image is placed changes the aspect ratio.

Smart Cropped Images Pro

Smart Cropped Images takes into account the Crop Hint
extracted by the Cloud Vision AI and smartly crops the image to the maximum
from the original image in any aspect ratio.
Manual Crop Hint

Everything you need.

If you turn on the auto-generate option, Smart Cropped Images will be generated and cached at the same time as the Crop Hint was extracted when adding images to the media library.

The export size follows the WordPress settings. You can also turn off unnecessary size write-ups at will.

Crop Hints Pro
Manual Crop Hint
Auto Crop Hint
by Google Cloud Vision AI

“Focus”, never miss the point.

Smart Cropped Images is a great way to meet the demands of a variety of aspect ratios that need to be exported from the original photo. However, depending on the aspect ratio, there may be some incompatibilities.

By specifying the “Focus” at the same time as the Manual Crop Hint, you can make more powerful exports without missing a single point.

Color Dropper Pro

〈Coming soon to Pro Edition〉

Extracts the dominant colors in an image from photos uploaded to the media library. We also suggest color combinations that have the right contrast to dominant colors.